June Recap: Mobile Social Networking

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Tonight’s event was titled “The New Revenue Models of Mobile Social Networking” featuring our special guest, Tomi Ahonen. And of course, joining him are two speakers who are also well known: Shinta “Bubu” and Widi Nugroho of Telkom/indigo.

Shinta started the exciting event with her dynamic presentation about Digital Marketing initiatives in Indonesia – “The Rise of Digital Era.” She shared her observation that the Internet must change the way we approach marketing, considering that media consumption has shifted to online (and mobile) media.

She mentioned that marketing must understand the social media as the means to deliver high-impact and accountable marketing. Shinta gave two successful examples of recent social campaigns that show the power of social network: Whopper Sacrifice and iPod Nick Haley TVC. Whopper Sacrifice is a Facebook campaign that is soooo viral (it’s also trackable, they can track who install and buy-in the concept). While the iPod TVC is created by an 18-year Apple enthusiast (or should I say fanatic) student for free, posted in YouTube, and gained popularity overnight (kindof…), creating  what-you-never-dreamed-of awareness and interest for Apple.

Shinta then explained about BuBu Awards V06 – celebrate the best practice of Indonesian online in order to improve the high impact of new trends marketing! They have some interesting activities lined up, from digital marketing competition, blog writing competition on Komodo Island (yay!), and Digital Conference with great spekers.

Let’s go to bubuawards.com, and see if your company/yourself can participate (you should!)

Then Pak Widi of indigoTelkom, our sponsor for this event, explained their initiatives the “Indigo Fellowship” – for brighter Indonesian digitalpreneur.

Indigo Fellowship aims to foster enterpreneurship in the digital business. They provide facility from creation, ideation, seed capital ($$$), coaching, and digital playground (utilizing Telkom’s vast resources)… helping Indonesian creative people to succeed as digitalpreneur.

This program is launched now since May 2009, and will go into selection/recruiting phase until August 2009. Screening will be conducted in September 2009. Key judging criteria will be: People (yeah, joining MobileMonday will help you in this criteria), Profit, Planet (yeah, you should do good for others, man!)

So, what are you waiting for: plasaindigo.com

I’ll save the second part of the recap for tomorrow or the next day. Haven’t got the slides…. 🙂

Update: Special thanks to our sponsor: Ericsson Indonesia and Telkom Indonesia. Thanks guys, without you we can’t get this event done.

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